Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Makes me kinda wonder which one of us gets the frasier-style spinoff...

Anyone who has had unfortunate occasion to attempt to look at where my money goes, would have to have some pretty severe grouping skills deficiencies to not see a pattern. I tend to spend money on two types of things: moving and eating. Train, subway, gas. Coffee, beer, tacos. (Really makes me sound charming doesn’t it?) I am also proud to admit that I am a creature of habit to the nth degree. I take the same trains (and yes I do have options), walk the same routes, stop at the same rest stops and (most critical to today’s story) order the same items off menus. Because of this, there are a surprisingly high number of food service employees to whom I don’t even need to state my order anymore, and since Thanksgiving is almost upon us I’d like to give thanks for those folks…

So thanks Ryan, Jason, Denise and Irving at Starbucks! Even though it means that when I go into another branch I seem like I’ve had one too many concussions since I can never remember all the words to my order. It’s good to know that if I ever become mute there will still be a quad, tall, no-whip, toffee nut (or pumpkin spice or eggnog, depending on the holiday) latte for me by the time I get to the pick-up area.

Thanks Tony at China Kitchen. I appreciate the creepy way you remember small details about my life when I go to pick up Chinese (I know Lara can back me up on this one.) And yes, I would like an order of pork fried dumplings.

And Heather at Thatcher’s. We are clearly not going to be the biggest check of the night, but thanks for making me want to hum the Cheers theme due to the welcoming vibes you send out. And I’m all about the ending of sentences with “,sweetheart.” (as I once called EVERYONE “Hun.” for a month myself). Kudos for knowing there is almost always going to be Bass, Killian’s and Blue Moon, plus one mixed drink at our table.

…cause really, what better holiday to celebrate static food choices than turkey-day?


  1. this is me [lara] backing up the Tony and China Kitchen comment: creepy...but convenient (cause sometimes i like having my food ready as i walk in the door...except sometimes it turns into a way too long conversation while my food gets cold...) :oP

  2. Although it was two summers ago, I must administer kudos to the guys at the Dunkin Donuts nearest creepy Tony... I'd go in every day before work and within a week or two, my coffee was getting to the counter before I did. Now if only I could train the Saturday morning crew at Bagel Loops...