Friday, October 3, 2008

I am a product of my environment, don't blame me i just work here (not so much the rest)...

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of accidentally asking me what area of psychology I am interested could probably surmise that I am a big believer in the fact that the environment affects who we are. As of late though, partially due to a Culture, Thought & Emotion class I am taking and partially because of a conversation I was having the other day, I have been considering how the environment, but more especially the people around us EFFECT who we are.

I have dubbed my interest of this the “She gets it from her Mama” phenomenon (and I blame a 3am episode of Date My Mom for that)

I would not love Weezer if I did not first love Lara. I would not argue with a heinous Jersey accent if I had not first argued with Dahling. I would not ride rollercoasters if I had not…um…perhaps I should just say that I blame Dave.

But enough about me! This is a play along at home activity.

Take a moment and think about what aspects of you are totally existent because of the wonderful folks you choose to associate with, and what they can blame on you.

It’s a nice little way to remind yourself that we change each others lives in small but ever present ways…aww ain’t that sappy.

...I know I can be blamed for the fact that Dad loves Eddie Izzard. And I blame that on Ray.


  1. Hey! What exactly did I do?!

    (And anyway, here I was thinking you rode them before you met me. Oh well.)

  2. coffee.

    primarily coffee.

    oh, and taco bell.

  3. This just in. It took almost two weeks, and an epic display of paper-crunch procrastination, but I finally got that joke. That is all.