Thursday, September 18, 2008

Charlie, chucky, totally...whatever you want to call it...

This morning, when I was getting ready for work, Dahling walked into my room and informed me that she had made too much tuna for herself and Dad to eat for lunch so there was some left downstairs and I should take it for lunch as well. Now, over the years I have learned that the only response to such a statement is “Yes, thanks”, because otherwise I will be accused of saying that nothing is ever good enough or some other such nonsense. And it’s not that I don’t appreciate having lunch ready, but Dahling and I have a fundamental disagreement on the preparation of tuna…well that and I don’t usually bring lunch.

But it got me thinking, and frankly, for such a simple thing…I mean, it’s a fish, bro…tuna is pretty divisive. Way more so than I ever would have expected. And I’m not talking about sushi because I get why some people won’t go near that, but comes from a can, Jessica Simpson can’t tell if it’s a fish or a fowl, regular tuna.

Oil or water?
No mayo, a little mayo, tons of mayo?
Salt? Pepper? Herbs? Hot sauce?
Warm with cheese, warm without cheese or cold?
On bread or by itself?
Or do you just not like it at all?

When did a food that comes in a little tin can become so complicated? I’ve had a friend eat a bad tuna melt, convinced my beloved roomie that it’s not always a gross food, and went through a phase where that was all I wanted to eat for lunch for the better part of a month (I was four). Frankly, I have a little respect for the way it has made me pay it way more attention than it deserves. Way, way more attention…as this post proves.

So, go forth, and have some canned tuna for lunch why don’t ya?

By the way…just cause I had to get it in here…packed in water, a tiny bit of mayo, dill, cayenne pepper and the special ingredient in the Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich :)


  1. goddamnit, danielle, now i want tuna...

  2. me too...

    (drained, light mayo, italian dressing, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, little bit of cayenne)