Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where my girls at?...

I will be the first to admit that I’m not super great at being girly. I get my hair done about twice a year, if that (and only because I look like a big stripey circus freak if I let it go longer). I was never into daily makeup (although I did find myself saying to Dahling this morning that mascara is the only thing that tricks people into thinking I’m awake in the morning. To which she responded that she doesn’t wear it because she doesn’t give a [darn] if customers think she’s awake. And y’all wonder where I get it.) I don’t own dancing clothes (unless you count actual dance costumes). And I most certainly don’t behave in a lady-like manner (much to Dahling’s chagrin…although based on the above exchange I posit she has no right to complain.)

At this point I would like to head off any comments about my love for shoes at the pass…None of that!

Mostly because it’s not the point, the point that I’m getting at is that because of this I’m not so good at making female friends. I have a most wonderous group of chicas who I have known forever and ever and my roommates from college (well, two of them), but other than that I can probably count my “girlfriends” on one hand. So it should not have come as a surprise to me the other day when I realized that in more than two complete empties of my text message, I had one single message from someone sans wang.

I am a little ashamed of this, and my shame was compounded by watching too many episodes of Sex and the City that I borrowed from the library. Why do I not have weekly brunch with spunky chicks? I asked, in a very Carrie typing the theme of her column/the episode kinda way…”Is it possible to socialize oneself out of a gender?”

Then I snapped the hell out of it.

I don’t brunch because my friends live in Boston and Chicago and DC and Las Vegas and because the ones that do live in Jersey have jobs and husbands and karate. So my dear friends, way to be actualized and have fulfilling lives. I’m proud of us. And y’all may be getting a call from me soon.

…and no hard feelings to my XY buddies out there.

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  1. You'd have two text messages from people sans wang except for the fact that I don't text. Ever. :-P