Friday, August 8, 2008

At least sheryl crow wasn't on this list too..

I hate to do this but I really need to dip into a little of Eleanor's territory and bitch about something that is just irritating for a moment.

Yesterday on the radio I heard that Spinner had released a new list of the worst songs ever. They announced the top three as being: 3)She-Bangs, 2)Ice, Ice Baby, and 1)Who Let the Dogs Out. On I drove, not thinking anything more of it since those are all pretty terrible songs.

Well today the full Worst 20 list was linked on the AOL welcome screen so I took a lok at it...and I was a bit angered. These are not the worst 20 songs ever released...they are not even close. And I'm not just saying this since I happen to really like a lot of them, because really, when have I ever claimed that I dont adore some terrible music? What they are, are 20 hugely popular songs that can verge on annoying at times. The Baha Men did not record the worst song ever...they recorded a really dumb hit.

If I had to make a guess I'd say that Goatwhore probably recorded the worst song ever...go on... You know you want to go find out who the hell Goatwhore is now...I'll wait.

On a completely unrelated front, I can finally prove without a shadow of a doubt that my fellow Psychologist-types are totally disconnected from the rest of the known world. While filling out my APA Student Affiliate application today I was greeted with the following radio button selection:

...I believe Jon Stewart would call this your Moment of Zen.

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