Monday, July 21, 2008

I don't care where the flowers have gone i'm looking for coffee...

I may, in fact, be the first person in the world to have had the problem I encountered yesterday. It all started when I got in my car to drive home from a super weekend in Scranton and I noticed I was a wee bit exhausted. This is largely because my friend’s beagle puppy stole my part of the bed both nights I slept there. Cute dog but who knew such a little body could be such a huge bed stealer? It was also probably due to the fact that I hadn’t had coffee since Friday, and that… No good.

“A-ha!” thought I. “I still have my free beverage coupon from when I registered my Starbucks card online. I shall stop at Starbucks and get some mad amounts of coffee, free to me!” And that was my plan as I got on the highway leaving Scranton.

I may have been the first person in history to not be able to find a Starbucks.

I’m not proud, but really! 3 miles of 81S, 28 miles of 380 and 70 miles of 80E and not one of those stinking, blue “Hey here’s what food is at this exit signs” had a Starbucks. This was assuredly not Houston, Texas.

Oh, and by the way…they really should have put a value limit on that free beverage coupon, cause I really don’t think they were expecting to have to comp me an Iced Venti Five Shot Cinnamon Dulce Latte.

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  1. That not only sounds delicious but also sounds like it would kill me as per my caffeine sensitivity...