Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh no, it's almost december, kinda...

This morning I had one of those mornings where you wake up and the whole world seems upside down and backwards. And it was so right from the start.

I woke up and proceeded to read my alarm clock like a calendar.

This mental process goes as follows:
(clock reads 7:25)
Me: Oh crap it’s July! It can’t be July, I needed to wake up in June. Why didn’t anyone poke me to wake me up in June before they left for work?! ::checks clock again:: Wait a minute, I think I can sleep till August today, can’t I? Or do I need to be in work at August...I think I can sleep till it’s almost August so I can get in halfway through. ::falls back asleep::
(::wakes up:: clock reads 7:56)
Me: Wait a minute; I don’t need to be in work ‘till 9:30. I leave at 9:10. My alarm is set for August 1st so I can hit snooze ‘till 10 after.

Yeah…upside down and backwards.

I continued the madness by turning on News 12 for a few minutes before I left for work (from September 0th through 10th). All they were going on about was the power outages from last nights storm. Not info for others, but information that was relevant to those without power…on News 12…on TV! So I switched to MTV for a minute… and I saw a group of guys, who looked like they should be volunteering at Fun Day at some elementary school that their kids attended, singing a worthless pop tune.

But didn’t two of those guys look kinda familiar…
Isn’t that Joey MacEntire?...
And…Mark Wahlberg??...
Oh Crap…

Why does NKotB have a new single?

Upside down and backwards.

The only thing that saved my day and brought it back to moderate reality was when I stopped in the DD. The fact that now matter how many times I repeat it…and point…and use colors and hand motions, not one DD employee understands the phrase:

“A strawberry frosted donut with no sprinkles”

comforts me and lets me know that I’m still in the real right side up world.

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