Friday, May 2, 2008

The GROSSEST thing ever...eww...

Now I'm sure that most people would reserve that title for some kind of multiple decapitation or something like that... but I assure you I have seen something that will sway you.

I was in New York Penn Station on Wednesday evening during the commuting rush. (For anyone who might care why I was there or find it in some way relevant, I was returning home from a meeting with my advisor that was required before I could register for my Master's courses for fall.) I still had half an hour before my train home but there was a seat on the bench in the Transit terminal so I plopped down next to a very nice, normal looking family. Dad was sitting on the bench next to me, Baby was sitting calmly in his stroller being amazed by all the people, and Mom was squatting next to the stroller. They were chatting away in some indistinguishable European language and being generally pleasant.

Something must have caught Baby's attention big time and he did what all babies do, keep staring at whatever it is following it with their eyes and concentrate all their focus on that one thing. So much that they forget to focus on keeping their mouths shut. Or maybe they just don't have the processor capacity to do both... who knows... the point is that his pacifier was gravitationally inclined to the floor.

Now he didn't start crying or anything but Mom notices this happen and picks it up off the ground. "Good," I think "I don't have to attempt to tell these non-english speakers that their kid dropped his Binky while not making them think I'm going to steal their child." But no. It was not good.

Instead of the normal reaction of picking it up and putting it in the conveniently located diaper bag that Mom was holding, she picks it up and pops it in her own mouth. OFF THE PENN STATION FLOOR I remind you, the kid was not crying and there were water fountains about 10 feet away.

As if this wasn't gross enough, she then, after sucking the pacifier a few times (which was funny as all hell to watch), puts it back in the babies mouth.

If my train hadn't come then I think I might have used said conveniently located diaper bag as a sickness receptacle...eww...

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