Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going the way of the driving veil....

Over this past weekend (while shopping for my Mother’s Day present, after excessive use of my procrastination muscles) I became aware of an odd inventory choice. Now generally, I’m all for Commercial Darwinism. That which has become unused of obsolete should not be sold. I embrace this process with open arms, mostly because it means that when I go to a store I am not inundated with Commodore 64s or platform shoes with fish living in them. However, I think on this particular item, buyers have jumped the product extinction gun.

The following is a list of major stores that should, but do not, sell slippers:

Lord & Taylor
Gap Body

Now, I know that slippers are not nearly as common as they were, say 30 years ago. But isn’t it a little ridiculous that it took me 6 tries to find a major footwear, loungewear or department store that sold them? I think so.

I admit that I am probably an example of the type of person who adds to this issue, since I have had the same pair of slippers since I was a sophomore in high school, 8 years ago. (Maybe I would have replaced them if I had been able to find a pair since then that has had a rubber sole and held a candle to my current 1” cow print fur ones, but based on the endangered nature of the whole slipper species I’m not holding my breath.) However, I have purchased at least 10 pairs of slippers for my mother since then.

And some for my grandmother.

And some for my dad.

And I know several other people who have mothers and grandparents and dads.

And even more who have feet and spend time inside their homes!

Maybe I need to find some of those “Save the Whales” signs I haven’t seen in a while, get a sharpie and start raising slipper extinction awareness….or maybe not.

By the way: the eventual winner was Kohl’s.


  1. kohl's stole all the slippers. they always have slippers. many different kinds of slippers. at super-duper prices. 8-P

  2. I think someone needs to give Kohl's a stern talking to, and teach it how to play well with others!