Saturday, April 12, 2008

Au revoir, State College.

As I am leaving State College tomorrow, it seemed appropriate to write a farewell post. (Also, this is because I will be moving back to my parents house where there is no wireless internet... or cable internet... just dial-up that i can't connect my happy Mac laptop to.) Now, it seems completely unnecessary to say that I will miss living with Dave. I'll say it anyway because I love him and it'll stroke his ego when he reads it. I will, of course, miss living with Dave. I can't really say that there is a huge amount more I will miss but I shall give a quick rundown of things.

~The small group of friends I have made here (who will not be named since naming inevitably leads to forgetting someone. They are fine folks and I will definitely have to see them when I visit next year.

~Having someone who cares about reality TV to chat about Bravo and vh1 original programming with.

~Stewie... the warm fuzzy from hell.

~Lowjack at Bar Bleu (including, in what seems like the most counter productive business move ever, Happy Hour 9-11 seven nights a week).

And now, some things I will definitely not miss:

~Pennsylvania liquor laws.

~Grey as a constant weather condition.

~Not living in Jersey!

Oh well. When I return from this moving break..... Working for my Dad and the opening of wedding season.

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