Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I couldn't make this up if i tried...

So last night I come into the office to tell Dave I'm going to go read in bed and then turn in for the night. He is transcribing Coheed and Cambria lyrics for a paper he is working on. I pick up the case of one of the cd's , look at the picture that is under where the cd would sit and the following conversation results.

Me: Is that a guillotine?

Dave: Yes it is. Flanked on either side by figures with angel wings.

Me: Why?

Dave: Those are the prises.*

Me: Umm... I'm pretty sure with a guillotine you don't generally have prizes. If you play; you lose.

*It was later explained to me that "prises" with an S is the name of a group of characters in the sci-fi story that underlies all of the Coheed and Cambria albums. Oh well. How was I supposed to know that?!

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