Monday, October 8, 2007

Post-season beisbol, my ass!

First of all, and those of you who look at my facebook (which im pretty sure is all of you) im sorry for repeating myself.. but I hate Grady Sizemore and I stand by my comment that his mother orally pleasures horses.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, why cant major sporting television be on real channels that really know how to broadcast sports. TBS is just hiring beisbol players and telling them to thinnly veil rooting for the Indians with a vague summary of the game. Is super shitty.
This night is mostly made tolerable by the fact that im almost done with my book and that it is noodle and red wine night. MMMMMmmmm. Shells with Delgrosso's mushroom sauce and meatballs paired with some Funky Lllama malbec. A note to those who are down with wine: if you can find yourself some funky llama it is damn good... its like 6 buck and the tempranillo is super, though the malbec is also good. Give it a shot.

Ok frustration has ebbed and i have 35 pages of Hugh Laurie's book to finish.

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