Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mr. Clean, I'm kinda in awe...

So I decided this morning, after waking up with a headache and a sickness in my tummy that perhaps I should really give the apartment a good de-dusting... not just a cursory Swiffer but a hard knuckle "the windows are closed up for the cold season" dustocide.
First things first, this required me to figure out why my perfectly good Eureka vacuum was behaving like a second string high school cheerleader and just not sucking like it was capable of. It had had a haircut recently. Read: I shed like the kitty I like to pretend I am so the brush gets all tangled up in hair that needs to be shorn off. (This was a particularly awful problem sophomore year when the poor lightweight vac had to tackle the shedding of myself and Megan. I'm convinced it had nightmares.) I had taken the plate on the bottom off and dug out all the dust in the tubes that had collected over 4 years at college. I had emptied the dust cup so what was the problem? It was then that i noticed a critical piece of info. The folds that the filter was composed of were not nearly as narrow as i though and the shaking out that I had been doing was underwhelming the dust bunny population that had moved into my filter. One pencil, about half an hour, and about 3/4 of a cup of dust later the vacuum was working just swell and dandy!
After vacuuming I decided that since it is getting into cold and flu season I should Lysol wipe every door handle, drawer pull, light switch, cabinet handle and piece of hardware we regularly touch. Then I expanded this to the microwave buttons and the TV remote. I even considered the blind chords, but then i realized it would work not so well on the absorbent fabric and reeled myself back in.
This is where it got interesting. We have some centipedes in our apartment which you may already know. The result of said centipedes is a bunch of circular black splotches on our walls marking their memorials. I have gotten sick of this. My dad told me that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes them off... and since it takes just about any thing else off I was willing to give it a try. I dug mine out, wet it and started scrubbing away at our ex-bugs. At first I was super excited that it was working. Then I noticed, when I was scrubbing some of the marks left by our chairs, THE DAMN THING TAKES THE PAINT OFF TOO! I am 100% certain our ecru apartment used to be institutional blue. Wow! I say. Now that's cleaning power. Well done. Mr. Clean must get up very early in the morning.

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