Friday, September 14, 2007

What the hell Billy Mays?

i really need to write this post to assure myself i just saw Billy Mays dry a dog with a shammy cloth called Zorbees. The dog was remarkably chill with it too. Little're a dog... you should not be being dried with a shammy cloth....that is for cars! On another point... what happened to when Billy Mays was just the OxyClean guy? I feel the need to take a moment and come up eith everything I have recently seen him try to hock...
Hercules Hooks
Orange Glo
Orange Clean
Wikipedia tells me that there are dozens more that I haven't seen. I think it kinda says something about our society when you can make infomercials a profession. Another interesting Billy Mays fact that I was once told: While most people are seen as more trustworthy when they do not have facial hair, Billy has been rated more trustworthy with a beard time and time again. Bravo you bearded weirdo!


  1. that billy mays thing was funny. i am actually posting a thing on my fantasy football site about how my losing team is picking him up to help turn the team around. week 1 oxy clean the jerseys. week two use mighty putty so the ball sticks to your hand. and on and on till they get sick of me. oh yes there are plenty of products and several weeks to go. when walter mondale and george mcgovern were unavailable to help my team, billy mays is whore enough to give it a shot. sham whoah (wow) should hire him. check me out on myspace. hear my music and maybe add me.


  2. Billy Mays is a two bit shyster. Does he even know anything about these products he shamelessly hawks? When he was the Oxyclean guy, I thought he actually created that product and like him. Now I see he's just a product whore. Obnoxious at that.