Thursday, September 6, 2007

No, and I really hope you haven't Just been talking to the exterminator.

It's been a little weird around here lately. Dave had a health issue that we are still in the midst of finding out about (see his blog [linked at left] for a detailed description) but hes doing well now. i had a job interview for a position as a college counselor at a boarding school. Anyone reading this who knows me may have to read that twice to believe it but hey.. i need dollars. My fingers are crossed about that and I should know by the begining of next week. Hoggish Greedly came by for a follow up today and i was happy to report that we were still bug free. It didn't occur to me till he had left that I had been cleaning the tub in a pair of Dave's boxers that I totally love but got a big rip in the crotch. I saved them from getting thrown out, for an as of yet unknown reason. After an immediate mirror check I'm pretty sure I didn't flash him any of my special parts. And that's always a plus!
I've also noticed as of late that I can talk to my mother for hours at a time but only as long as I call her. She can call me at 6:05 and I'll want to get off the phone ASAP, but if i say I'll call her right back and call at 6:10 we can happily talk for 45 minutes. I'm really not sure whats down with that but its working out fine so I shall not poke, with a stick, the sleeping panda.
Also, a pizza delivery man in his thirties tried to convince me that Dave and I ordered a pizza tonight. This might have worked, however I had just made pasta and the bowls were still on the coffee tables. I'm sorry sir but I don't think I'm oblivious to not notice ordering a pizza WHILE I'm cooking dinner. But good luck finding apartment 324 in a building with two digit apartment numbers.

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