Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too Much To Ask For?

I was really rather excited to get out of the apartment today and have lunch with Dave and some of his English grad buddies. Perhaps more so than I should have been since I've been going a little stir crazy over the last week. So an afternoon of conversation, fresh air and pizza was plenty to be happy about. But I was not out of the parking garage for ten minutes when I found my self in a situation I never would have imagined.
I had gone into the ladies room and opened the door to the closest of the two stalls when I found myself face to face with an awkward photo of a woman exhaling smoke; awkward to the point of creepy. At this point I reached over openned the door of the other stall and found that it had a banana on the inside. Without looking at the cleanliness, functioning or toilet paper quantity in either stall I chose the second stall. It wasn't until I had closed the latch that I realized how rediculous this was. When did advertising get such a choke hold on us that my choice of bathroom stalls was made based on whether I wanted to look at the creepy anti-smoking woman or the AIDS banana? And who the hell authorized an ad campaign featuring the AIDS banana anyway?! Someone should really fire them.


  1. The phrase "AIDS banana" fascinates me endlessly. And to think, someone's getting paid far more than they deserve to pitch to someone that the banana is the PERFECT symbol for the anti-AIDS movement!

  2. You should have seen campus the day that campaign came out. There were bananas everywhere.... and tables in the HUB with bananas all over them. It was crazy!