Monday, August 27, 2007

Thank God for my wine steward...

So if you are me, and I'm pretty sure you aren't, but if you were you would be having a rather interesting evening. You would currently be watching Alton Brown torture steak with a Jacard (which apparently has sponsered food network for the night since Emeril used one too...and he was making the chipped beef that I got from him that I so pride myself on). You would have also just watched your loving boyfriend cream himself over a picture of apple pie in this week's Wegmans circular. This is disorienting but he has also brought me the wine that is making me okay with the other news of the night. My dad called afore to tell me that my cousin got engaged...and honestly, im happy for her. Congrats are in order. If not for Roogle Red i might be bitter. But I shall not be, for tomorrow there will be episodes of "Whose Wedding is it Anyway" and I shall be able to critique the choices other people make while planning their weddings without the stress of having said choices impact my own life. Huzzah for Style network! Who wants a clean house!?
That has amazingly become one of the catchphrases of our apartment. Clean House is on alot and I seem to have gotten Dave to the point where we both enjoy sitting down to watch what kind of mayhem and foolishness* is clogging up peoples' houses and making it a hot mess*. Plus, I heart Nicie's wardrobe and envy her job. i could be straightforward, loud, and make people clean their crap up. Plus she always has those nice flowers in her hair. If you don't know about Clean House, what happens is that the crew goes into someone's pigsty, makes them give up a bunch of stuff, sells said stuff at a yard sale and uses the money to redecorate some of their rooms. It is the ultimate way to prove to yourself that the disorderliness in your own home is A-okay, because no matter what... you dont have 17 years worth of mail in cardboard boxes or 500 teddy bears.

*Stolen from Nicie herself.

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