Thursday, August 30, 2007

No mister, I swear i'm not crazy...

Im pretty sure the management in our apartment complex is going to think im a housing hypochondriak. I mean last week our toilet was not really flushing half the time so I put in a maintenance form and the next day when the guy showed up to fix it...working perfectly. Luckily for me, he was a good sport and snaked the thing anyway and now it works just fine. So, assuming you have read the previous post, you know that we have been having some hundred legged visitors that are big and gross. Our complex has an exterminator that comes around for free every Thursday. All you have to do is tell the office you need him to come by. Well yesterday afternoon Dave went over and asked that he come. Since then there hasn't been a bug in sight. I'm not complaining, I mean if they want to hide because we have publically acknowledged their presence that's fine by me, but I can just see how this interaction is going to go down:

Mr. Exterminator Man: So where are these bugs?

Me: Um.. there aren't any right now.

MEM: Then why did you call me out here?

Me: Well there were bugs earlier in the week. They were on the walls in the bedroom and hallway and we thought they were coming up through this hole in the floor.

MEM: But they arent here now?

Me: No. Can you do anything to make sure no bugs come up through this hole, which my boyfriend and I, who have no proof whatsoever, feel may have been the cause of our centipede problem...which seems to no longer exist?

Oh I can't wait! Here's hoping he doesn't just back out of our apartment slowly.

EDIT: Well, the exterminator was very nice and didn't treat me like I was insane. However, the strength of the resemblence that he bore to Hoggish Greedly from Captain Planet was slightly disturbing.

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