Friday, August 31, 2007

At least this time she wasn't pretending to be rehabbing...

You know in office space when the guy somes around saying he's a reformed crack addict and hes selling magazine suscriptions? Well aparently it's our day today and if there is one thing I have learned about these magazine contest people from the several times I've been solicited in dorms and our town house, it's that they are even better at high pressure sales than car salesmen. So this time when a very personable girl came to my door I tried a slightly different tactic. I let her in.
Thats right. I let her in. I chatted with her. I told her sure I'd take her suggestion and donate one to a local hospital since I didn't want one. I helped her fill out the whole info page. Now this may be beginning to sound like I let her sucker me, BUT WAIT!'s the part where they are vulnerable. Part of their hard sell is that they are required to "do the math" for you. So even though she said that they range from 88 cents to $2.88, and I said I'd donate the cheapest one, it came to $37. Thats where they get you because even though thats more than intended most people cannot walk away at this point, they are too commited. I spent months studying social influence and I know this is the week point.
Hello, I'm home at 12pm on a Friday. "I'm sorry I really thought it would be 88 cents times 12. I've been out of a job for months and I really don't have 37 bucks to give you. Thirteen I had 30 I don't. I'm really sorry to wast eyour time though." And out my door she went taking only a promise that I wouldn't buy from any boys since apparently it's boys verses girls. Fine by me. Now I have a built in excuse when round two comes around. Danielle 2, Magazine folks 0!

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