Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quirk Theory

Lately I've been thinking and I keep coming back to the idea that no matter how boring and normal we may think that we are, each of us has things about us that make us both ridiculous and unique. By examining these quirks we create a kind of caricature of ourselves, which in my opinion is not such a bad thing if it allows us to take ourselves slightly less seriously and enjoy our own bizarreness. Now I'm sure we all have lists of quirks pages long but since that is an unmanageable concept I've decided to distill the idea down to say that by making a list of five quirks that embody who we are, we can see ourselves in a different light.
That being said, I shall now, in this tradition of Henry Jekyll (and hopefully with at leasts slightly better results), be the guinea pig for my own theory.

My 5 Quirks
1. I'm a spicy food junkie. The hotter the better. Hot wings are not just a meal they are a challenge.
2. I'm a total caffeine addict. Bad things happen without coffee, and don't you forget it.
3. I should not be allowed near video rental stores or libraries. I'm just awful at returning things. I don't know why but i always have been. I'll run errands but I just never return rented movies.
4. I'm super paranoid of scary movies. We aren't talking a little jumpy I get rather ridiculous. Don't even talk about them around me.
5. I answer my phone in foreign languages. Aloha, Hola, Bon Jour and Ni How have all had their turn as my greeting of choice.

I guess part of this is just because I've stopped learning things about myself from the standard types of introspection questions. It's kind of a neat exercise to try and it makes you realize that when someone else is soing something you think is just ridiculous, it may just be on their list of five quirks.

Edit: I have been reminded that I have completely forgotten about one of my biggest quirks which should totally have been on the list so I'm adding one... cause it's my damn theory and I can do that.

6. I eat my dinner one food at a time. If you put down a plate with chicken, carrots and potatoes I'll eat all the carrots, then all the potatoes, then all the chicken. If you put down chicken stew it's just possible that ill eat all the potatoes in that, then all the chicken, then all the kale, then the broth. If God wanted us to eat chicken and carrots together He would have put carrots in chicken. Different food means eat it separately.

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